Island Cup

Cole Patterson

Cole will be bringing his Ranger buggy to compete in his 2nd Cup.  Will the Cole be able to drive this ranger to the store after the 2020 Cup?

Island Cup

Trevor MacPherson

Suzuki Samurai.

Ninja name, Garbage car.

2019 Island Cup Drag Axle Champ 

Island Cup

Cody Therrien

Cody is entering his 3rd Island Cup in his 99 Tacoma,  This year Cody will have some stickys bolted up to the dana 60 and 14 bolt.  So watch for Cody to improve on his finish from last year.  

Island Cup

Karl Lofstrom

This will be Karl's 2nd year competing in the Ranger Buggy.  Watch for Karl to be passing out Teen Burgers as he crosses the finish line.  

Island Cup

Spencer Hughes

Spencer and Ice Man did some upgrades to the buggy since last Cup. 1 ton axles and a back yard cage. Rocking some high double digits horse power so watch for Ice Man to come flying at your face!

Island Cup

Metchosin Joe Gilbert

 The mayors car will have a bullet proof pope bubble on the roof for  the mayors day parade which will commence immediately preceding the  event....
Basically looking to defend his 8th place title for the 8th year in a row. The Mayor's Car consists of metal that he found in the bushes, A low mile, high km 5.3L with 13 codes on the computer.  A 4 speed tranny from his childhood short bus. 1 ton axles that are surprisingly decent. Freshish 42” sticky trepadors. Crappy suspension that he made from metal he found in the steel bin at his work.
Sponsors are;

 wife Brittany Gilbert
Hydroforce excavating
his  secret lover Cory Hinds


Sam "Shelf Hands" Erck

Sam is a big fan of Jeeps, He loves all Jeeps XJs, WJs, TJs, YJs, ZJs, JKs, and the new  JLs. Sam's dream of running a Jeep in the Island Cup will have to wait another year as he will be bringing "The Worlds Best 4runner"  over from the little island. 


 Salt Spring Slinger 

Fully lit Jeepers

Island Cup

Big Kyle Smith

 " I would like to participate in your off road  action experience. I have incredible internet blog wheeling experience  and as long as the trails aren't to tough and wont break any of my  windows or dent my mint condition jeep I would like to come have a swell  time. "  

When Kyle is behind the wheel look out, no one is safe,  he will have that 5L pinned until the valves start to float.  

Island Cup

Sam Davies

Sam will be bring his 85 F-Toy to the Island Cup, Powered by an 22r on propane, Toyota axles with some 39" Reds. Sam says  hes gonna bring the cup to Quesnel... Or wreck everything trying.

Spotter  Rob Wilkin 


Sasquatch Off-road Ltd

Axlebusters Off-road 


Sheldon Whyte

Sheldon will be bringing his Toyota buggy to compete again. Hoping to improve on last years finish watch for Sheldon to be spinning those big 36" iroks 


Dustin Webb

Chappy finished on the podium last year with a 3rd place finish, This year he will be looking to put the Back Door Fab Toyota on the top spot and get his name on the Cup. 

Contact Back Door Fab for any plasma brackets or custom fab work 


Zak Fenton

Zak Fenton is the most offensive in the bush! This guy could offend a rock, but for some reason we keep letting him come back. His "car" is the most hobbled together death trap to ever roll into Frogstompers. Zak has no filter or driving skills watch for some epic fails!

 Or Should he just stick to spotting the Garbage car in his rice picking hat? 


Brodey Olney

At 15 years old Brodey will be the youngest competitor ever to be in the Island Cup.  The Insanity Fab Toyota is rocking some 42" Iroks and it has a 22re engine dual cases and a 5 speed, so we will see if Brodey has what it takes to be the youngest champ.  


Colby Jenn

Colby will be bringing his 89 Toyota 4runner to the cup. With a 3.4L engine, land cruiser diffs and dual t-cases Colby will be looking to take the cup to the main land. 


Rohan Erck

Once again "Robum Shovel" will be coming out of hiding on the little island to come over and secure a second place finish! 


Dirty Tony Devito

Tony  has been welding scrap metal together for years now, and he's finally  reached a point in his life where he's leaving his purse on the mainland  and giving the island cup a try!  Tony and his co-driver God  is ready to show the local islanders who the king of poo pipe is 


Any scrapmetal bins 

Chronic motorsports

Westshore spring and 4x4

Grizzly lowbedding

Mom and Dad

And the good Lord 


Rob Duf

Coming out of retirement  2016 Champ Rob Duf is back!

Rob's go fast buggy is a 2012 Motorcity Fab Ultra 4 chassis with a LQ9 Chevy LS mounted to a th400 and a "race case" atlas 2.0. Spidertrax 9" front diff with reid knuckles and a Spidertrax rear diff. Branik 40 spline axles front and rear with 40" Nitto Trail Grappler KOH spec and 17" fuel Anza wheels.  Rob is hoping to take the cup back to the main land even though he hasn't raced in 3 years.



Chronic Motorsports

Nitto tires Canada

Fuel off-road wheels

Lordco auto parts

North shore off-road

Westshore spring and 4x4

Dirty Tony Devito


Alex Hinds

Alex is no nonsense straight to the point man's man. You can count on him to roll in fashionably late, still wrenching on new mods he decided to do the night before. Once on the hill, you can expect this 2 time champ to fully send it with the hammer down! 


Jon Rumley

Bio coming soon...


Matt Sladich

This guy is YUGE! 


Dan Jenn

Dan will be coming over from Surrey to test his  93 Toyota at the Island Cup. Rad-Flo coilovers up front and leafs in the back, his 3.4L Toyota looks like it was meant to compete, Will he be able to take the cup to the mainland? we will see. 


Josh Robson

Josh "Baby Face" Robson is a local single looking to mingle! Josh has a well built Toyota with the help of Dustin @ Back Door Fab. The truggy is linked Front and rear on air shocks and 37" sticky Treps. Lady's if you want a taste of this sweet hunk of man meat please forward pics/bio to islandcupwss@gmail.com 

If it all checks out we will get you in contact with the man! 


Owen Davidson

Bio coming soon...


Cody Wilts

This Toyota buggy was build in Sooke many years ago. It has a  Karnage fab cage and all the other Toyota goodies. This Toyota competed back in 2012 but this will be Cody's 1st time competing in it.


Jake Mathews

Bio Coming soon...